Breakthrough strategies for transforming healthcare through transparent, trustworthy and accessible information

Health Data Analytics

Leveraging the explosive growth of consumer health data to create unparalleled value in consumer and employer health resources

  • Health analytics products and services and consumer-focused health information tools.
  • National summary of health plan cost ranges
  • Identification of health plans with unique service offerings
  • Demographics of enrollment and retention rates
  • Health services web marketing analytics
e-Learning authorship and platform delivery technology

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Deliver up-to-date healthcare training through engaging online media

  • Complete curriculum and creative development
  • Custom course delivery technology and learning management systems
  • Knowledge quizzes and scenario simulations
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Low-recurring cost delivery platforms
  • Strong Technology Base ( xAPI/CMI5, Software development support
Individual / employee health plan analytic tools and enrollment technology

For individuals seeking health insurance, the industry is moving away from providing in-person insurance agents or advisors to using automated web-based enrollment and services. Consumers need credible, meaningful and actionable information that helps in making good choices

  • Out-of-pocket health plan cost calculator
  • Financial analysis system using customized actuarial models
  • Risk/return comparison of plan value
  • Tax Credits and Medicaid qualification analysis
  • individual, SHOP and off exchange market
  • Physician and Pharmacy network search (2016)
  • API and complete user experience versions

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina is committed to providing the actionable information and resources needed by consumers to make wise choices on their health insurance purchases. Using financial analysis techniques well established in the financial investment community, we provide a unique view of health plan value. This, coupled with a comprehensive and accurate provider network search capability, will make health plan decisions easier and more suitable.