Statistical Modeling

Health Decisions has developed an advanced statistical modeling technique to assess the actual value of health insurance plans from the perspective of the consumer.

The technique is similar to approaches used in the financial industry to predict the future performance of stocks, bonds and mutual funds in terms of expected return and risk.

Using our analysis system, consumers can make far more rational decisions based on easily understood, actionable information.

The similarity to investment analysis

Choosing health insurance is very similar to making financial investments. Both activities require an initial purchase with the hope of returning the greatest value in the future. Both have uncertainty and risk since value is based upon future events.

Tools have been developed to aid in the identification of good financial investments for consumers, but remarkably, only now have similar tools been developed for consumers to make decisions about health insurance. Although the terminology is different, the concepts are nearly the same:

Health Insurance Financial Investments
Premium Management Fee
Health Uncertainty Market Risk
Annual out-of-pocket cost Annual ROI
Co-Pay Transaction Cost
Co-Insurance / Cost-sharing Transaction ROI
Actuarial Value ROI before management fee

The traditional financial techniques of assessing value by looking at tradeoffs in cost, risk and return make the financial aspect of health insurance plans far easier to understand. We recognize that this is only a critical first step, as provider network choices, covered drugs and other plan details can also be important aspects of the process. Just as in financial investment decisions, these personal preferences are essential in ensuring a good fit, and ideally will only need to be revisited if there are major changes in either the plan terms or your health conditions. is committed to providing the actionable information and resources needed by consumers to make wise choices on their health insurance purchases. Using financial analysis techniques well established in the financial investment community, we provide a unique view of health plan value. This, coupled with a comprehensive and accurate provider network search capability, will make health plan decisions easier and more suitable.